About Mt. Traveler
Mt Traveler Missionary Baptist Church, Waverly, Alabama was founded in 1880.  It sits
on a hill at the intersection of Lee County Road 188 and HWY 280 at Waverly, Alabama.

A caring Church:
  • With Ministries
  • Changing Lives
  • Connecting People
  • Creating Friendship and Favor with God and Man

A caring Church that is:
  • Passionate in Ministry
  • Compassionate in Ministering

A caring Church:
  • To be faithful in obeying the Word of God
  • To be fruitful in serving Him
Times of Worship/Fellowship
Church School
8:30 AM         
Prayer Meeting
6:00 PM
Morning Worship
9:50 AM  
Bible Study
6:30 PM
Special Events
2:00 PM
Family Night*
6:30 PM
*Last Wednesday of each month
Contact Webmaster
Mt. Traveler Missionary Baptist Church - 15160 Lee Road 188 - Waverly, AL 36879
(334)-821-4040 (Phone)                (334)-821-4018 (Fax)
Mt. Traveler Missionary
Baptist Church