Care Group Ministries
These are various care group ministries that will meet the needs of the individual groups.  As the
name connotes, these care group ministries will engage in caring for and ministering to members of
the group and the Church.  Ministries in this category will include pulpit aid, laymen, matrons,
singles, couples, senior citizens, young adult women, young adult men, single mothers,
neighborhood care groups, recreation, etc.  Within the care group ministries, the goal is to ensure
that each Church member knows, understands and has a sense of belonging to the Church family
and that there are people who have similar experiences in life as theirs. Also, it is essential for each
care group to know that Jesus cares about every member and that each member must strive to be
faithful so as to please the Lord Jesus, who cares about them, by being fruitful in serving Him.
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