Christian Education Ministry
Knowledge is powerful; whereas the knowledge of the truth is dynamite.  The Christian education
ministry will equip members of Mt. Traveler with the knowledge of the truth through teaching/preaching
the Word, Church School, Bible Study, new membership orientation; seminars, workshops, etc. The
knowledge of the truth (Word of God) when understood and practiced makes one productive or fruitful in
the kingdom of God.  The purpose of Christian Education Ministry is to equip members through
knowledge of truth so that they can understand it and practice it; thereby growing to become mature
Christians bearing fruits worthy of their calling.

Teaching and Preaching:
The Pastor will teach and preach the truth of God from the pulpit.  The preaching/teaching will focus on
getting people into the kingdom of God and helping them become faithful in obeying the Word of Truth
and fruitful in serving Him.  The Sermons will focus on clarifying the purpose of the Church, its vision
and its mission; thereby maturing the memberships to become committed, faithful and fruitful.

The Church School:
This is the Sunday Church School aimed at teaching the word, fundamentals of Christian doctrine and
learning from the experiences of the saints who lived before us. Teachers will be members that are
knowledgeable in the Word of God and classes would be based on age and/or gender.  Church School
will meet each Sunday beginning at 8:30 am.  At the end of each Church School session, the pastor or
minister in-charge will summarize the lesson, emphasizing its practical application for daily living.

Bible Study:
This is held every Wednesday at 6:10 pm.  Bible study will be conducted to instruct and provide
understanding on the historical background, biblical truths and the spiritual application with its benefit to
the believer.  This is a forum where you can ask questions and/or make contributions to benefit others.  
Bible study is open to all members and visitors.  Come and learn the Truth with us.  For if you know the
Truth, the Truth will set you free.

New Membership Orientation:
This is a special class for new believers and those who newly joined Mt. Traveler Missionary Baptist
Church as new members.  The main purpose is to get the new members oriented to our faith, covenant,
purpose, vision and mission as a church.  It is also to emphasize the importance of fellowship and
indicate the sense of belonging.  Commitment, accountability, and responsibilities are emphasized.
This class consists of 8-10 weekly session held during the Church School hour beginning at 9:15 AM
every Sunday.

Seminars and Workshops:
These are special sessions on specific topics of need. Seminars and workshops will be conducted
whenever necessary on specific topics that will enhance Mt. Traveler’s healthy spiritual growth.

Any other programs or training that will provide an awareness of Christian commitment and
accountability, responsibility and healthy growth will be considered.  
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