Discipleship/Mentoring Ministry
All persons that are saved by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ need to be trained in
discipline (“discipled “) so that they can grow into mature Christians and become faithful in obeying
the Word of God and fruitful in serving Him.  Disciples are followers of Jesus or learners of the way of
Jesus Christ.  It should be the desire of every Christian to become a true disciple of Jesus.  It is
encouraged that Church members who have grown in the faith be members of the discipleship
training team in this ministry whereas other members are to enrolled to be trained.
Also, there is great need for mentors in this generation as in any other generation.  Mentors are role
models for those who need one.  There is great need of mentors in the faith, trades and
professions.  Those who have great experiences to help others are encouraged to avail themselves
for this ministry.  There is great need for fathers to mentor the fatherless or those with absentee
fathers in our generation.
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