History of Mt. Traveler Missionary Baptist Church
Waverly, Alabama
As we look backward from where we have come; it is with grateful hearts that we dedicated this
history to all members and pastors who gave their services for the advancement of Mt. Traveler
Missionary Baptist Church and passed the torch from one generation to another.  Now it is in our
hands to hold high and by the aide of the Holy Spirit, pass it on to others.

The history of the Mt. Traveler Missionary Baptist Church is as follows.  The information used for this
Church history was provided to Sis. Robbie Trimble (the compiler and recorder) by Rev. John H.
Trimble, Bro. Tom Dickerson and Sis. Lugenia Ware.

The Mt. Traveler Missionary Baptist Church was organized in 1880.  A few members of the Mt. Pelia
Baptist Church decided to organize a Church in Waverly, Alabama for the convenience of the
members who lived there.

The first Church was under a bush arbor near the present location.  We have no knowledge of the
name of the first pastor.  Eventually, the members’ dream of building a Church house became a
reality.  They built a small building where they worshipped out of the cold and rain.  The property
where the Church is located was purchased from the Minter Family of Waverly.  The deacons involved
in the purchase of the land were Dea. S. B. Bozeman, Dea. George Bickerstaff, Dea. Pete Shealey,
Dea. Johnnie Caldwell, and Dea. Nora Knight.  Three Church buildings were destroyed, 1920 by a
tornado, by fire, and the third building was torn down and rebuilt.  The third building was remodeled
in 1940.

The Church has licensed and ordained 6 ministers.  Since the inauguration of Mt. Traveler
Missionary Baptist Church in 1880, there have been 20 known pastors.  They are Rev. Dennis
Upshaw, Rev. Lewis Echols, Rev. Will Davis, Rev. Richard Lewis, Rev. J. A. Tates, Rev. M. Nunn, Rev.
W.M. Atmore, Rev. G. G. Austin, Rev. J. L. Hicks, Rev. Chaney, Rev. Rhone, Rev. L. L. Carter, Rev. S.
W. Wilson, Rev. T.J. Askew, Rev. M. L. McMillian, Rev. E. R. Dunson, Rev. J.O. Tucker, Rev. L. Bryant,
Rev. Albert Hodge and current pastor, Rev. B. C. Datiri.

Outstanding progress has been made in the Church and the following reviews some significant
impacts by the various pastors.  Rev. M. Nunn improved worship services:  purchased the first piano,
organized different auxiliaries for adults and youth.

Rev. E. R. Dunson, a retired pastor, served one (1) year until a permanent pastor was elected.  
During this time, the annex and dinning area were completed and furniture was purchased.

Continued:  More History
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