More History of Mt. Traveler Missionary Baptist Church
Waverly, Alabama
During Rev. Leonard Bryant’s pastorate of 20 years, the Church began worship services every
Sunday.  Tithing became our method of financial support for the Church as taught by Rev. Bryant.  
Under his leadership, the Church was remodeled in 1980, the first copy machine was purchased, a
library was built, and the Church implemented the publishing of a weekly Church bulletin.  Sunday
School enrollment increased, a Covenant Class for new converts and other members who were
interested in learning about the Church covenant, a Church newsletter, “ The Traveler” was published
each month, and Sunday evening Youth Round Up was held once per month, fourth Sunday evenings
each month.  Rev. Bryant was particular interested in bringing young people of the Church and the
community closer to Christ.  He further emphasized the importance of young people doing their best in
school and furthering their education.  Under Rev. Bryant’s pastorate, the Mt. Traveler Church
Scholarship Program was organized in 1992.

Rev. Albert Hodge was elected in 1997.  During his tenure, the Church paved the parking area and
installed rails at the front and side entrances of the Church.  He organized a Discipleship Class and
implemented the “Children’s Emphasis” period during the morning worship services, the Puppetry
Ministry and monthly visitation of sick and shut-in members.

After much prayer by the congregation and others, in February 2004, the Lord sent us our current
pastor, Rev. Benjamin C. Datiri.  Under pastor Datiri, we have a new mission:  “ A Caring Church with
Ministries, Changing Lives, Connecting People, Creating Friendship and Favor with God and Man.”  
This mission statement stems out of a vision that Mt Traveler is to become passionate and
compassionate for the dual purpose of it continual existence by being faithful in obeying God’s Word
and fruitful in serving Him.  Each Sunday morning and Wednesday night, pastor Datiri continues to
teach us how to accomplish our mission.  Rev. Datiri has implemented increased membership
participation in the morning worship services by requesting members to read the scriptures, lead in
prayers, read announcements, and lead Responsive Readings.  He has also implemented the
following:  Youth Meditation, Drama Ministry, Tape Ministry, re-vitalized the Puppetry Ministry and
initiated “Family Night” for family and friends held the last Wednesday of each month.  Pastor Datiri is
responsible for developing this website for Mt. Traveler with his son Ninrat as the Webmaster.

Mt. Traveler has risen and fallen.  It has weathered the storms.  May God’s richest blessings forever be
upon this Church and may we forever be united as members of one another.  When one suffers, we all
suffer, when one rejoices, we all rejoice.  By one Spirit, we are all baptized into one body.  Mt. Traveler
is like the “Old Ship of Zion.”  It has landed many of thousands and will land many more with the aide
of the Holy Spirit.

Mt Traveler Missionary Baptist Church is an active participant in the Ebenezer District Association, the
Southeast District State Convention, Alabama State Convention, and the National Congress of
Christian Education and the National Conventions. We are erecting memorials, some are tangible
and some are spiritual, for the building of human lives.  As we embark upon the sea of time, we can
look proudly back and get renewed strength from this day for a greater tomorrow for the Holy Spirit’s
leadership of Mt. Traveler Missionary Baptist Church, Waverly Alabama.  You are invited and, at the
same time, welcomed to come and be a part of this history building at Mt Traveler Missionary Baptist
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