Prayer Ministry
This is the most powerful ministry as a prayer-less Church is powerless whereas a prayerful Church
is powerful.  Members of this ministry are prayer warriors for the Church.  This ministry will involve
members praying around the clock 24 hours a day and seven days a week.  Members of this ministry
will select the hour(s) of the day in which to individually pray for the Church regularly on  a daily basis.  
Members will also decide when to meet at least once a week to pray together collectively.  While all
other ministries of Mt. Traveler must begin and close their activities with prayers,  the most important
activity for the prayer ministry is prayers for the Church and its members; the community, state, nation
and the world especially for believers as well as for leaders or those in authority for God’s perfect will
to be done.  Church members should table their prayer needs through this ministry whenever
necessary.  But prayer needs can be brought up during Wednesday Night prayer meeting or at the
end of the worship service on Sunday during the altar prayer or any other time.
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