Youth Ministry
This is a ministry to carter for the youth in the Church and our community.  The goal is to develop a
vibrant youth ministry because the youth are the Church of today and not tomorrow.  As this ministry
grows, there will be a need for a youth minister/pastor to coordinate the activities.  In the interim there
is a youth ministry coordinator.  All activities for the youth ministry are planned towards building and
preparing our youth to become involved in the various Church ministries and be better citizens of our
community.  The youth ministry will engage the youth in Christian Education, Sunbeams, Crusaders,
Red Circle, Vacation Bible School, Educational Field Trips, Recreational Activities, etc.  The pastor
will engage the youth at youth meditation during each Sunday’s worship and youth forum at 4:00 PM
every fourth Sunday of the month.  During the youth forum topics of contemporary issues affecting
youth will be discussed.  This ministry is for the children and young adults as well as the youth at

Youth that excel in Academics will be rewarded.  All grades 1-12 students who submit official report
cards will be on the Pastor's honor list and will be honor during the scholarship program held after
the end of each school year.  Twelve grade students who are members of Mt. Traveler and have been
accepted into any college should apply for Church scholarship through the Coordinator of the
scholarship committee.
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